New Age Drinks is proud to present the Snake Gulch Project, organized by New York-based artist Ryan Chin. Chin assembled a group of four other New York artists—Ida Badal, James Miller, John Szlasa and Michael Uttaro—to join him in an intensive weeklong residency with New Age Drinks to produce artwork that engages with the history, landscape and environment of Arizona. Over the course of this week, the artists worked individually and collaboratively in the studio. New Age Drinks took them on a variety of excursions around Northern Arizona, including trips to Jerome and Snake Gulch to interact with pictographs made by indigenous peoples. The project culminated in an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, drawings, documentary photographs at Spook Hall in Jerome, Arizona, in addition to this website.

Formerly located at the Old Jerome High School, New Age Drinks has reestablished itself as an artist-run curatorial and residency program dedicated to bringing groundbreaking artists from around the world to Northern Arizona as a catalyst for meaningful exchange between the artists, the environment, and the people of the region.